Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scotlyn Everly

scotlyn. everly. cummings
8.7 lbs 19 inches

Scotlyn is only 6 days old but I really wanted to write her birth story while its very fresh in my head still. This might be a little long but I thought I would share this special time. We haven't had a chance to get a family picture or newborn photos yet but I will no doubt share those when we get some. Thanks to everyone for their kind words and prayers for us this past week. We love healthy visitors too :)!

My doctors appointment on 4/8 I was 38.6 weeks very pregnant. That last week had really done a number on my physically I was exhausted and so uncomfortable with Braxton hicks every single night and peeing every 20 minutes. Mentally I was going through torture thinking she would go past her due date and that I was having all these contractions for nothing.

At my appointment I decided I didn't want to get checked or have my membranes swept because I was going to ask to be induced the next day. I was confident. I had been getting checked since 34 weeks and was a 3-4 80% effaced every single time. The doctor acted like he wouldn't see me the next week after stripping my membranes. Well there I was in that office again!

The doctor and nurse came in and he instantly says "Aubrey, you can't have your baby this week" he was going out of town for a conference. I lol'd and said youre kidding guys!  Well they were not and after they made it clear I burst into tears that it had to be that week because my mom was off work and Grant is leaving at the end of the month and I hate being pregnant and wah wah. Well we set up an induction with one of his partners for the next morning. He stripped my membranes just incase and I left the office bummed instead of excited because I felt like I was letting MY doctor down by not waiting for him to get back. The office lady asked if I was excited on the way out and I almost started crying again! Hormones.

I got home and started having those stupid contractions that come with the sweep. They were painful and I wish I didn't have him do it cause I just knew it was pointless since I was giving birth in the AM no matter what.

The hospital called to let me know I was on a list and to keep my phone on me incase they call anytime between 6am-9am to come in. That night I had contractions and couldn't really sleep because I was so uncomfortable. Well 9 am rolled around and I still hadn't heard from them. I'm pissed. I call and they say they had a busy night and to call back at 12. At this point I swear this baby is never coming out and I am fuming. I start a bath and get in when I hear my phone ringing on the bed! It was the hospital telling me to coming in 30 minutes! YES! I was then scrambling to get ready cause wanted to look fab since I didn't have a chance with Wes haha! My mom came over to take care of Wes and Grant and I were on the way!
I was still having contractions from the night before but I was used to feeling them for 12 hours.
We got all checked in and I got my gown and just laid right on the bed. I was not nervous. I was just ready to see how it all went down. The nurse checked me and said "whoa she's really low, and she is really tiny" I was somewhat surprised cause it felt like my abs were completely torn and stretched from her growing. I really didn't want to feel anymore pain so I asked for my epidural as soon as the pitocin came because I love epidurals and if I don't have to endure anymore contractions why would I?! The on call dr came and broke my water and I kept telling grant I thought I was peeing everywhere I was pretty embarrassed. Well it only took me about 2 hours to reach being "complete" meaning (ready to push) I was so proud of myself and excited to get her here. Now this was not part of the plan but Grant got to be by my side holding my left leg. He was so amazing through the whole thing I'm really happy that it ended up that way. I only had to push for about 10-15 minutes and I felt her come out! The first thing I hear is "she's huge" what?!? They put her up for only a second and I saw yes she was large but something was wrong and they took her right off my chest without a word and in come 12  frantic nurses. I could not hold still from shaking and crying. I just kept looking back and Grant and the baby and I realized something was really wrong.

All I could think was how could this happen to MY baby. I had a baby a month early and he was fine! After what felt like an eternity a nurse came to tell me she was having trouble breathing and had to go to level 2 for treatment. Grant was able to go with her. And I was alone. Getting all fixed up with no clue what to tell my family when this was a time I thought we'd be taking pictures and cuddling her. And my legs were heavy as tree trunks and I wasn't going anywhere.

Grant came back with an update that she was making progress and was on the oxygen and would have to stay 48 hours in the level 2 nursery. Aka she would never get to come to my room and no visitors. No first family picture in the hospital. But it sounded like she was doing well and I was hopeful they said after I got all cleaned up and my epi wore off I could go see her. The nurse helped me get to the bathroom but I was feeling sick and then light headed and I called out "babe I'm getting dizzy" they rushed in to get me and I barely made it to the edge of the bed before I went down. I was in tears and wouldn't let grant let go of my hand. I was thinking, Another set back!
I got into the wheelchair eventually and was on the way to see her! She had 80 wires attached to her and oxygen tubes in her nose and a tube in her mouth And she looked so sad. I could only set my hand on her or hold her toes. They had some goals for her to reach and then she could come off oxygen and move to where she would stay. She is such a strong baby and passed all her tests I finally got to go in and see her around 8 pm. It was the happiest moment of my life. I knew she would be fine and even though she never got to come to my room I loved the rest of my hospital stay, I just waddled down the hall anytime I wanted to see her or feed her. Wes never got to see her in the hospital cause of the nursery rules. He is warming up to her more and more everyday. He helps when I ask bring her binky and likes to put the attachment in her bouncer if she's in there. He has a fake bottle he tries to put on her face from time to time.
I'm so grateful she home and healthy. She is such a lovely pleasant baby and I am having so much fun with her. Grant says I stare and hold her all day. Um duh! I love my Scotlyn Everly. This last month has been by far the most challenging of my life. This baby is the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow after a long storm.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

36 weeks

More from photo shoot with Ashley, I'm picking up the rest tonight so Ill share some more. Im so happy to have these, I know I'll think I looked chubby but its a special memory for every mommy. Can't wait to take newborn pictures with my teeny baby and cute boys!! 

How far along: 36 weeks 4 days

Gender: Girl

Weight gain: 24 lbs

Maternity clothes: NO but dear heavens I have nothing to wear!!!

Stretch marks: Not yet SURPRISINGLY

Belly button in or out: Out! Theres no hiding it! I always show Westley mine so he will show me his "Button" The best is when he rests his head on my belly and he always turns his face and blows raspberries on my tummy!

Sleep: Pretty good, Every time I get up to pee I hope my water breaks though!

Best moment this week: Well I am officially more pregnant than I've ever been, Which is a good thing for the baby, but its torture for me! I know it's still very early but I sometimes get down because I got to have a healthy baby at 36 weeks last time and I don't want to wait (insert that open mouth sobbing emoji) Don't even tell me I will go to/past my due date or I loose my shi*. :) Yesterday Grant tried that one and then threatened to film my tantrum for Youtube.

It was my birthday last weekend and I got to enjoy time with lots of family! It's was nice to have a little celebration for me, since all I ever think of is my baby coming or taking care of Wes.

I've been loving all my time with Wes and can't believe it won't just be the three of us anymore. He is truly the center of our world, so I've been hugging him a little longer and being as patient as possible because he is going to be my only baby for a few more weeks. He is the sweetest, I don't know how we got so lucky with him! I swear he looks like he is three this week and I. just. cant.

Miss anything: Clothes that fit

Movement: Lots of hiccups. I never felt them with Wes. Its so weird cause there is nothing to do to stop them.

Cravings: Wait... have you guys had Art City donuts yet?? Cause I've had them twice this week. Grant is the best and brings them to me. We ate at Carrabbas for my Birthday and the Chicken Bryan... I mean.

Queasy or sick: I'm feeling better than ever, which pisses me off kind of. haha

Looking forward to: SIGNS OF LABOR.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

35 weeks

How far along: 34 weeks starting 35 week. 

Gender: Girl

Weight gain: up a pound from last week

Maternity clothes: Nope and I wouldn't spend any money on them at this point. So my advice is if you are reading this and putting off buying maternity clothing and are uncomfortable just BUY them! They will make you feel so much better for the rest of your pregnancy. Who cares if you are only 15 weeks, you ll get longer use!

Stretch marks: Not yet

Belly button in or out: Out and flat and starting to darken already. Does this happen to everyone? Probably not. 

Sleep: Insomnia is coming back, and since Im uncomfortable and hot and all the bathroom breaks, I can be up for a couple hours at a time. Dont worry though I get in bed at like 9:30 or 10!

Best moment this week: I had an appointment yesterday and got my cervix checked, I am already progressing so I am now going to start going every week! (Something I didnt do last time since I didnt make it past my 35 week appointment) I also got a shot for the babies lungs incase she comes early and I have to get another today!  I just think of my kids and all the shots they get so its not so bad! So we will see how long little girl can hang in there! Its all up in the air. I like schedules so you can only imagine the number this does on me! I will probably start putting things in my hospital bag since I wasn't able to grab a few things I would've liked to have had last time. 

My parents brought over the crib last weekend! Yay now all I need is the mattress and I think we are set. I really like her room, I cant wait to spend time in there! Especially since there is a queen bed for me ;)!

I think we decided on a name, we had a name really early on and have kind of parted from it... So people might be surprised when it probably wont be that! I dont think I will share what we have chosen since ya never know if we will change again. 

Miss anything: uh oxygen when I lay on my back, or just laying on my stomach haha!

Movement: Knees, elbows and all of that

Cravings: Turkey sandwiches! Subway or Gandolfos, and yes I eat deli meat/hot dogs/ and sometimes tuna. 

Queasy or sick: Yes I feel like throwing up right now! I have been mildly nauseous morning and night for about a week.

Looking forward to: I have some maternity pictures in about an hour and half! My friend ( Ashley Morgan Photography) who did our family pictures a few months back asked me If I would pose for her! So here goes nothing! I am actually really glad cause this is the style I wanted done anyways! ( I just added this photo from this morning)

Monday, February 24, 2014

34 weeks

How far along: 34 weeks

Gender: Girl

Weight gain: 131 at last appointment. 2 more to go till I pass my last pregnancy ah!! 

Maternity clothes: Not unless a belly bandit in a different size counts. Im really looking forward to seeing if I will like that thing. 

Stretch marks: Not yet

Belly button in or out: Out and starting to get that dark line  down the middle, Grant asks me why I have a happy trail and I cry every time and say "its not hair! " (tmi!)

Sleep: Good if I don't take a nap during the day, I just love to hit the pillow at night!! 

Best moment this week: This weather. This is the best day Ive had in awhile and I give all the credit to the sunlight. We got to play on our porch with chalk, go on a walk and play at the park with friends! At one point I was in a tank top?! K so its only like 54 as a high and I feel like its 75+ heaven help me and my hot flashes. 

Miss anything: Not having to plan out how much water I can drink before going out cause I know Ill be doubled over holding my pee. 

Movement: Feels like a little human is in there! 

Cravings: Fresca craving continues, Thank goodness Wes can share chocolate donuts with me cause we live within walking distance from the grocery store! 

Queasy or sick: Not really. 

Looking forward to: My sweet friend is throwing me a baby shower tomorrow night! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

32 weeks

How far along: Just getting started on my 32 week

Gender: Girl

Weight gain: Same as last post.

Maternity clothes: No more, I did get some new PINK sweats so Im thrilled about that.

Stretch marks: Not yet

Belly button in or out: Out

Sleep: I have a cold, the driest sinuses, my gums and eyes are so  swollen and its always so much worse at night. Also I have been getting up probably twice a night to like what seems like 2 trickles of pee out haha!

Best moment this week: We have had a hell of a February over here so far. It started with Wes cutting multiple teeth at once and getting a diaper rash that had to be treated from all the diarrhea he wouldnt eat or drink hardly anything. Then we were in the doctor for this freaking rash I have had on my hands for months that started to show up on Wes and Grant. Next Grant had the cold/flu well Wes had it the past week and it has been awful! He had (still has) a fever and the runniest nose. Im guessing he had a sore throat too. He was extrememly touchy and so irratable. So once again barely barely eating or drinking.  Luckily my mom rescued me and we got pedicures and lunch on Saturday and that was such a relief! So anyways we had this Vegas trip all booked and planned starting Sunday and decided to go for it. And it was a success, even though he was a little sick he loved being out of the house and it was all around a good time!

Miss anything: Right now all my cold symptoms are out weighing the pregnant ones. But good heavens  I can wait to have my old face back. I feel like Kim Kardashian when she was pregnant, like so fat her voice even sounded chubby. (does anyone know what i mean??)

Movement: Not as quick and crazy anymore, its more like a kick and the foot/hand stays there for a few seconds.

Cravings: Fresca!

Queasy or sick: Yes but not pregnancy related.

Looking forward to: Yes the babies room is STILL not set up. :(

Sunday, February 2, 2014

30 weeks

How far along: 30 weeks

Gender: Girl

Weight gain: up one or two more from the last post. 

Maternity clothes: Just some maternity leggings from Old Navy yesterday. They are comfortable but Im not way impressed. The waist band is lowrise so hopefully Ill be able to wear them a few months after I have the baby. 

Stretch marks: Not yet :/

Belly button in or out: Out

Sleep: Just fine. I didn't get as many naps this week but I had one today and I needed it! I have been such a heater every night. These hormones!

Best moment this week: I do not want to jynx it but I have been able to breath a lot better when sitting and laying. The baby must have changed positions and is giving me some relief! I swear sometimes I could even forget I am pregnant.

Miss anything: Energy. I only get about one wind a day. It is so hard for me to get going somedays. I also will feel so bummed out some days and will be fine the next. I hope my hormones level out soon. But from what I can remember they only get crazier!! 

Movement: Yep getting squishy in there for her though. 

Cravings: I just said "I want cheesecake" the kind with the cheeries on it mmm! Also those cherry m&ms for valentines day and juju hearts! Sounds like I want cherry flavored things. Oh yeah and the super soft sugar cookies with the bright colored frosting and sprinkles on them from the grocery store. 

Queasy or sick: Feeling pretty good. I can tell my joints are getting looser though, sometimes when I get up from sitting I can feel my hips get back in place. 

Looking forward to: Getting my baby's crib set up! I have 10 weeks till my due date and I am so anxious, I know when she gets here I will think it went so fast. But its not going fast and I want her! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Third Trimester

Well my app notified me yesterday that I've hit the third trimester. I should've notified it cause don't I know it?! Wes and I are just having some play time with his toys before his nap and listening to a little Disney Pandora station. Today is the second time I've almost burst into tears at the lyrics to you'll be in my heart from Tarzan. Is that the perfect mother/baby song or am I hormonal or what!? 

So just a little update with whats going on with us currently

Wes- Will be 18 months this Sunday! His favorite foods right now are- ramen noodles, shredded wheat, bananas, grapes, pasta, french fries, fruit snacks chocolate milk and chocolate chips. He is such an explorer, he wanders around constantly learning about his surroundings. He loves to play with his basketball hoop and in his tent (usually where he poops). He likes his toothbrush to be his companion, so I have one in my diaper bag in case. His favorite Tv shows are Baby Einstein (brings us the disk or xbox remote ) and Paw Patrol. He says a few words, (a list from the top of my head); Dad, mom, NiNi (Mia), Mouuuse (mickey), Da (dog) Maow (cat), Hi, Nigh nigh (goodnight) , and other assorted animal sounds and expressions that have meaning to him. He hop jumped for the first time the other day and I swear I almost cried it was so cute! We have been learning about frogs lately. 

Me- Just being an oven for a little one. I am in severe nesting mode but haven't really started! It's hard for me because I have the "needs" and I just crave the "wants" like fancy gliders, decorations, and all that fun stuff moms live for. I have a little bit of cabin fever since the weather is still cold and I can't just spend money all day! I am a pretty busy person by nature so I can only handle being in the house for so long. I am addicted to my bath and body works mentha lip balm (I have like 8 tubes) and VS boyfriend sweats while Im in the house. I'm bored with my hair but know better than to make any changes right now. Looking forward to February cause of our anniversary and all those pink and red hearts! 

Grant- Just shaved his beard he has been working on since mid October last night. Spends his afternoon at the gym. Been working on building up his team and planning for his upcoming sales season in Kentucky. He is Westley's absolute hero. Sometimes it cramps my style cause Wes will do what his dad is doing over what I want him to every. single. time. I'm excited to see Grant with his daughter cause he is such a loving patient father to Westley.   

Real life 

Watching me over there.